Staff Educational County House Galati (SECHG)

Organized and unfolded continuous training activities for the didactic staff and nondidactic one from the secondary school system. Each year, over 2000 persons participate at continuous training activities meaning stages, courses, communication sessions, debates, experience exchange- with  various themes: counselling and orientation, included education, education for human rights, European democracy, educational management.
Staff Educational County House Galati, the Tecuci and Tg. Bujor Agencies, those 22 Informative and Documentary Centers, coordinated by SECHG organize informative and documentary services for the entire secondary school personal  of Galati county: pedagogical and methodical library, auxiliary materials on electronic support, magazines, newspapers, informative bulletin.
Staff Educational County House Galati has got his own printing house, publish various works of speciality and methodological, school magazines, posters, paper for didactic staff and pupils of Galati county. Monthly, since 1990, we are printing „Scoala Galateana”, and since 2002 we are printing the magazine „ Didactica Nova XXI”.
Staff Educational County House Galati developed and implemented projects financed by Center 2000+, Foundation for An Open Society and by E.U. PHARE Program.
Staff Educational County House Galati offered counselling for didactic staff and auxiliary didactic staff for general and special didactic issues, counselling and orientation for career, multiple intelligence theory, artistic education, etc.
Staff Educational County House Galati organize scientific and methodical events (communication sessions, symposium), culture and artistic events (meetings in own literature saloon „Anton Holban”, exhibitions, book events). Promoting ethical competences seems to be very important part of didactical approach in educational process, so we are going to contribute largely creating templates of guidlines and help to integrate it into daily academical activities.