Ethical Competence As Educational Component in Adult Education
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Realizări şi provocări contemporane în educaţia adulţilor

Ethical Competence As Educational Component in Adult Education
The ethical competence in adult education is meant to promote a life long learning policy and is mentioned as one of the main instruments in the European Qualification Framework. The essence of this project is to produce a number of enriching instruments for training and evaluating adults’ ethical competences. Despite the present variety of definitions of ethical competences in education, one thing is clear: those social competences have a major influence on people’s professionalism on the one hand and people’s private success on the other hand. All the partners and learners involved will benefit from clear guidelines on how to train and assess adult’s ethical competences, which is why this is the major goal of the project. In order to create instruments and guidelines the partners will explore and try out existing tools in their respective countries, identify common European values, share them among the partners and learners involved to compose a unique common model drawn from the different European experiences and perspectives. By experimentation within the partnership this model will be “fine-tuned”.

All the work will lead to a booklet and website with tools and methodical guidelines about how to train for and evaluate ethical competences in adult education.

The project is funded under Life Long Learning Program under, measure Grundtvig. Its implementation started in October 2009 and will continue until September 2011. Seven European project partners, active in the sphere of education will work for the achievement of the project objectives and final outcomes.
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